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Additive manufacturing uses the information from a 3D CAD model to direct the raw material  to deposit material, layer upon layer, in the precise geometry of the model. This method differs from the traditional means of removing material. Which allows to create geometries that were not possible to manufacture before due to the tool limitations.

There is a wide range of material to select, is not limited to polymers and composites. Metal and organic material are available too.  

Additive manufacturing is not an experimental or hobby process, is know being used as an alternative manufacture process offering unlimited solutions.


This is what Additive manufacture can offer you:


  • Free design restriction; don't adapt your designs to standardized components, fabricate your custom components without the high cost of mold and tooling. 

  • Low to mid volume fabrication

  • Shorter lead time and immediate availability.


  • Prototyping

  • Tooling 

  • End user parts

  • Replacements components

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